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Welcome to CDP Collectables

We are a full time seller on the EBay,  Bonanza and Ebid auction sites.

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NEW… We have just opened a new store online filled with over 400 coins and coin collecting supplies. The store can be found at CDP Collects. We will also be working on store fronts for stamps and other hobbies. Older stock of personal items will still be available through this site and our auction stores.

We hope to make this site a source of information for collectors of all types.

Check with us on a regular basis to obtain the latest news about your hobby be it coins, postcards, stamps, or trading cards.

The links at the top of this page will bring you to the master page for each category. From there you will find links to news, general information and reference tool for that section.

You will also find our latest listed products not available on our auction site stores.

If you have suggestions please email us at

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